We are the lucky few who get to do this wonderful work. These folks make it that much more amazing.



“Tyesha has a uniquely wonderful and powerful combination of strength and approachability. You can’t help but like her, and you can’t take her lightly. These attributes, along with her passion and confidence, suggest that Tyesha is a future leader in information architecture and UX. What’s especially impressive is not that people love working with her, it’s the way they talk about loving working with her: Tyesha fosters a sense of partnership and possibility in her teams. Everyone talks about collaborating with her, not just working with her. Tyesha’s strong work background shows. She is personable, positive, professional. She’s a great presenter. She’s confident, diligent, and effective. People gravitate to her. They want her to be on their team. Tyesha is already a sought-after contributor, and she has tremendous upside. Hire her!”

-Ryan Turner, Director of Global Social Media at Starbucks

Tyesha's experience and good humor are invaluable to making The Digits. She's a great leader and has a fantastic mind for strategy.

-Scotty Iseri, Founder of The Digits


 would highly recommend working with Tyesha. She is an expert usability and experience design professional. She helped us redesign some of our key workflows to improve conversions and overall user experience. Her ideas are logical and creative (all at the same time).

Tyesha understands the constraints many start-ups face and creatively accommodates to ensure you can do as much as possible, even with limited resources. For example, she designed us a robust but cost effective focus group to pressure test some of the initial concepts she presented to us.

Tyesha was also super helpful in identifying and referring resources to complement the team, again taking into consideration our deadlines and budgets. Very impressive all around!

-Katie Vahle, Founder of CoPatient


“Tyesha combines ferocious attention to detail with a zest for big-picture thinking. She's a collaboration dynamo, sharing ideas, asking questions, and inspiring new ideas and insights. I'm always happy when she's on my creative team.” 

-James Callan, Writer and editor, Classmates Online 


 “Tyesha is an amazing person to have on a team. I had the fortunate pleasure of working with her on web design for Big Brothers Big Sisters. She brought the project to life with her insightful ideas and solution oriented recommendations. Her ideas blended seamlessly from wireframes to the designer's hands and then to very happy clients. I highly recommend her as she puts nothing but top quality work forward.”

-Whitney Lawrence, Project Manager, AMA - Big Brothers Big Sisters

“Tyesha is one of those few, exceptional team members that consistently knock it out of the park - her strategy is always insightful, her communication skills are superb, her documentation water-tight, and she is a tireless advocate for the user. Tyesha was on my team on two projects and her contributions were key to the project's success in both cases. She worked incredibly well with the larger team and handled all client interactions with grace and skill, clients absolutely love her. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend Tyesha and look forward to working with her again!”

-Chanel Reynolds, Sr Project Manager, ZAAZ

“Tyesha brings a much needed world-view to everything she does. She is flexible without sacrificing quality, she can negotiate difficult client situations and business realities with great results, and is a consumate professional.”

-Pam Shales, Director of User Experience, ZAAZ, Inc.

“Tyesha is a standout User Experience Architect, Information Architect or whatever you want to call her. I had the pleasure of working with her most recently on the Tom's of Maine site redesign, where she provided user experience solutions, team/client leadership and strategic wisdom. She's an extremely valuable asset on web projects.”

-Gary Jacobson, Account Director, ZAAZ

“Tyesha is absolutely amazing. She's incredibly intelligent and insightful, calm under pressure, creative, and wise. Her background in planning and passion for user experience has given her an uncanny ability to envision long-term strategy while immediately grasping tactical implications. On top of all this, Tyesha's just a joy to work with - a collaborative and thoughtful team member with a great sense of humor and wonderful personality. I'd jump at the chance to work with her again.” 

-Aaron Louie, Associate Director of User Experience, ZAAZ

“Tyesha is a quick learner and really takes the time to understand the projects she is assigned. She puts a lot of thought around her documentation and explores all possible avenues. She always has a great attitude which makes her a pleasure to work with.”

-Suzan Botha, Product Manager, Classmates Online Inc

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tyesha for the past few years at Classmates.com. She is a highly intelligent, perspective architect who can understand the needs and wants from all sides of a website, but most specifically the usability and the business/financial side. Tyesha is always quick on her feet, with sensible reactions in all the circumstances I've seen her in. Because of her positive disposition, her reflective way of operating, and all of the character traits that make her so dynamic, Tyesha is a very well liked colleague at Classmates. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity.” 

-Michelle (Kamrath) Fields, Checkout Marketing Manager, Classmates.com

“Tyesha was a joy to work with. While I never collaborated directly with her on projects, she's been an integral part of our department's conversations on advancing user centered design and thought leadership in the field. I was always impressed with the ideas she brought to our work, and the holistic perspective she had on navigating process and maximizing relationships with clients. Plus, she makes some pretty awesome wearables!” -Ariel Van Spronsen, User Experience Architect, ZAAZ