iOS 7 takes the old interaction model of relying on real life equivalents to communicate concepts, explain items and provide affordances and dumps it on it's head. I won't go into detail about this but there is a great review of the new designs that gets to this point on Fresh Air

So, a few days before the unveiling I was in Google Drive and getting really bummed out by this.  


Google Docs.jpg

The default view of a Google Document is the old school "Print Layout". Looks nice enough but 99% of the Documents I create will never be printed. I mean the Document product it's self is loaded with features that eliminate the need to print.

I was getting bummed because my content was getting interrupted by this break and I wanted it to be formatted nicely for my client. So I turned this view off and this is what it looked like.

Google Docs 1.jpg


I have a great love of nostalgia, tradition and comfy things but it'll be nice when digital products stand tall and proud, respectful to their predecessors but true to themselves.  

I imagine I need to take this critique too. I'm going to watch out for the instinct to do stuff like this. I bet we designers do it all the time without noticing. 

Interesting enough we see this same problem with Mobile and legacy Desktop stuff. I'll have to dig up some examples. 


AuthorTyesha Snow