I found this comment thread pretty interesting. These Apartment Therapy community members are upset with a contest entry being on Facebook and having to 1. Have an account and 2. Like the company.  

People complain a lot on the web but I thought this had some insights. 

1. I'm surprised that active internet users like Apartment Therapy commenters wouldn't have a Facebook account that they use just for purposes like this and nothing else. You don't have post anything or participate in the Facebook community to have an account. I understand not wanting to use the product but why not just get an account and use it as a utility? I think I'm underestimating people's discomfort and poor opinion of the company. 

2. Brands shouldn't just assume that the people they want to reach are ok with Facebook. Yes, lots and lots of people have accounts and lots are active on the site but that may not be the case for your target audience. 

3. Gotta keep an eye on the sentiment of your audience as it changes over time. A year ago they may have been fine with entering a Facebook contest. Today might be another story.  

4. Apartment Therapy is a social network. It seems ill advised to go into a community and then ask them to go somewhere else to engage with your Brand. You win by engaging communities where they are at.  This commentor says it well, 

We're just as interested in decor, home goods, and Homeware as non-Facebookers and have plenty of ways to spread good words if we win and like the merchandise.

I would bet that this user's act of spreading the word would be much more valuable than a "Like" 

AuthorTyesha Snow