I love email. It's the only way I remember the stuff I like, exists. So I happily subscribe to everything I want to keep up on and err on the side of letting services set me up with their default subscription.  This behavior also means I find myself needing to adjust said default email subscriptions once I see the value or lack of value being provided. 

Today I was blown away by the way My Shoebox handles this use case. I've never seen this done is such an elegant and respectful way. I hope the designer or marketer who did this will raise their hand and take a bow. 


I was getting daily emails and it was too much for me. I like the trip down memory lane but having it everyday really took the special out of it. 

So I scroll to the bottom and suspect I will have to click an edit preferences link, go to the site, log in, then select my subscription preferences. This or just unsubscribe from it all together. 

But no! 

They gave me a one-click option to change my settings and it was actually ONE CLICK!


See ^^^^^^  So brilliant. So good. 


Go try out their photo back up service. It's excellent too! My Shoebox

AuthorTyesha Snow