for my collection of IXD, UX job descriptions. all found here Do you view the people around you as a never-ending source of design inspiration? Know how to best craft a digital interface to invite audience participation? Fantasize about the possibilities of new technologies? Believe the best work is achieved through collaboration across disciplines? Understand how to design for multiple touch points across complex digital eco-systems?  Sweat the details, while keeping in mind that simplicity and usefulness are paramount?

If so, we want to hear from you.

At R/GA, Interaction Designers are integral to the creative process and have played pivotal roles in the conception and execution of groundbreaking experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world. (Think Nike, Nokia, L'Oreal Paris, Barnes & Noble, and Goldman Sachs.) We are looking for people who value digital as a means of deeper engagement between brands and consumers, not as a buzzword or an item to check off a list of "integrated" campaign elements. We are hungry for people who are hungry to create the next Nike+, a digital platform that shifted how brands engage with their consumers.

Qualifications: 5+ years professional experience:

*   Detailed knowledge of user experience Best Practices *    Ability to ask appropriate questions, communicate effectively, and persuasively convey design solutions to a broad range of stakeholders, product managers, engineers, customers, etc. *    Strong attention to detail and exceptional organization, logic, and analytical skills *    Ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks *    Comfortable working with tight deadlines *   Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills Ideally, you also have experience designing digital experiences that focus on one or more of the following areas:

*   E-commerce *   Social Media *   Mobile *   Retail Design

from R/GA found 12.062009

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