for my collection of IXD, UX job descriptions. all found hereThis one I love because they are looking for an individule and seem to understand you could come with any number of skills and experiences.  This would be a "Show'em what you got" description.

I do think they are looking for a graphic designer not a IXD but worth including.


Hi there, we're Cru Digital. We're looking for a new senior interactive designer - we're hoping you may be it.

So how do you know if we're going to be a right match? Let's face it - it aint always easy to find the perfect job - and it certainly aint easy finding an awesome interactive designer.

For starters - you quietly know that you're awesome (or not so quietly). Admit it, you look at most other web design work and scoff. You can't believe how totally predictable, unintuitive and templated it is. You have bookmarked and if it's not already your default homepage you've at least definitely considered it a number of times... maybe Google has pipped it out... just.

You'll also love the sun. Brisbane's a sunny place - it's pretty much summer for 11 months of the year. You're excited about the idea of moving to a new city, with lots of sun, exciting projects and a young & social team. And we're excited that you're excited.

You're continuously looking for new trends and innovative ways to engage people online. You frequent design portals and are secretly jealous when other designers do something cool for another client... it really should have been your client after all.

OK - if you've made it this far along we might be on to something good. Rather than make a hefty list of demands can we just ask you to send through your online folio? That's right - we aint looking for print designers. Just the sweetest damn interactive designers on the planet. To make the most engaging digital work on the planet. Word.


Most of it's on the website ( - but here's the Exec Summary:

We're a digital agency We're based in Brisbane, Australia We LOVE digital We live to make the most engaging digital work on the planet We work hard, we play harder We've won loads of International digital awards We love Friday afternoons Did I mention we also LOOOOOVE digital ABOUT BRISBANE / AUSTRALIA

Most of you have probably heard of Australians - sun loving, beach dwelling, beer loving descendants of convicts with Kangaroos in our backyard yada, yada, yada.

Many haven't heard of what we lovingly call "Bris-Vegas". Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. It's the capital of Queensland - the sunshine state.Essentially it works like this:

The sun shines 364 days a year The people are friendly and easy going We're nice and close to lots of beaches and amusement parks =) Our office is in that trendy suburb that most cities have - you know the one that used to be dingy but all of a sudden became hip and cool We're nice and close to lots of eats and drinks and bars... lots of bars

from Cru Digital found 01.13.2010

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