I've been thinking a lot about creativity lately. What does it mean? How best to feed it. What is hindering it? Who gets to do it? Is it valued? How do you best express it? Is the definition different in a professional setting vs. a personal one? I'm going to take this week to think and write about it. First thought. Who gets to come up with the ideas? Part of the reason I ended up being a UX practitioner was due to my desire to be part of the elite group of people who get to actually come up with the ideas in this world, not just make other's ideas come true.

Think about it. Think about most of the jobs the people you know have, think of the jobs you have held.

Do you hold the creative power?

In this new world where media is completely intertwined with our day to day, do designers hold a new more important place in the hierarchy of power? have you checked this out?