I'm going to start an ongoing series on pagination. i know, it's not that sexy but every time I need to design one i tend to have to rethink it all over again and then find examples to plead my case with my graphic designers.

Bad:Why? because the easiest thing to click on is "Last >>" but this isn't the most desired link. It takes some focused mousing to click the little 1 2 3 4 5 or the >> next arrows, all of which are the more likely desired links.

It is showing which page you are on and how many total pages their are so they get a bonus points for that.

Better and Interesting:

The Next and Previous buttons are easy to click, although I still think the Beginning and Last links shouldn't be equally weighted to the Next and Previous, but a good argument could be made depending on the content (and it looks nice).

What I really like about this, is being able to just type in the page you want to jump to. So many pagination designs will only show you the next 3-5 pages (see above) so if you want to jump way a head, to say 17 you have to perform a few annoying clicks.