Hey, have you been reading Wireframe Magazine? If not you should be. It's an excellent way to peek into the deliverables of IA's and UX people around the world. Jakub the author is doing and excellent job curating submissions and creating dialog around the techniques.

I feel super honored to have a little piece of my work featured today. It's a Bubble Wireframe with priority indication. I must take a moment and credit the person I learned this from. Yeah, Elena Moon! a coworker of mine when I was at Zaaz.

The big take away from this deliverable for me is that we need to have a variety of ways to express the research, information architecture and strategy we work so hard on, to the graphic designers. With this particular project I had a super collaborative relationship with the graphic designers, we worked together daily and they were present during all the strategy work I conducted, so there wasn't a need to get too prescriptive in the wires. I wanted to provide a road map to them and not hinder the creative process of graphic design. The client was also in the middle of rebranding so we didn't have a clear directive on visual elements at the point that I made this, so I couldn't even begin to make decisions around navigation design or page structure.

Do you use this method?