Judging by the number of people reading the first Pagination entry, it seems to be a topic of interest for people, which is wonderful. So here are a couple more.

Today's competition is between Amazon and Anthropologie

Let's see what the largest online retailer's contribution to the conversation is:

At the top of the page it gives you a count of total results and how many are showing on current page. This is good. But there is no pagination here so you can't begin to move through the results.The "pagi" as I will fondly refer to it from this point on, is all the way at the bottom. We need to see the total number of results and the total number of pages. I don't want to just keep clicking next for who know's how long.

You can't jump to the last page, which would be a problem if you were browsing a alph sort list.

As you move along continually hitting next, scrolling to the bottom of the list and hitting next again, the pagi displays like this. Once you hit the 5th page it shifts a bit alowing you to get back to the first page. Ok, that's good but once you get in a few more pages you realize that the only way to get back to say page 9 is to hit Previous, scroll to the bottom (repeat 4 times) or Go back to the first page and do pretty much the same thing. Leaving you to wonder which is the fastest, a calculation I'm not sure anyone wants to do. Positives are the clean lines and easy to select Next and Previous

Now for the store that makes you want dress in lacey pjs, sip cappacinos out of mugs the size of a baby head and slip beneth pathwork quilts until spring arrives.

Here's what I like.

You get to select how many items to show on the page. I always want as many as I can get to reduce using the pagi. It would be really great if it detected your connection speed and defaulted to a larger set if your connection was fast enough.

You get next, previous and a total of pages.

I like clicking the green box highlighting next. I don't know why, I just do.

What isn't good is the same issue we saw with Amazon. Once you get in a few pages it is difficult to get back to the earlier pages. Although, the number of possible pages on this site is much less than Amazon so, it isn't as bad.


Our winner today is Anthropologie. Yeah!

I'm now on the hunt for a site that doesn't do what both of these two failed at today. If you have an example please send me a link!

(the 3 items at the top of the page are on my wishlist)