How would you approach designing a site with the single goal of creating a memorable experience?

I think I would dig into my event production background and try to create an experience similar to attending a big summer music and arts festival.

You know how you get in line and you can hear the bass off in the distance, smell the corn on the cob, see teenagers running to wait all day to be at the front of the stage.

You know how you have a couple bands and couple exhibits you don’t want to miss but you are totally ready to be surprise. Your expectation is to be surprised.

Let’s start there.

If I was trying to recreate this on the web I would want you to feel three things when you arrive at the site:

Anticipation (for all the experiences that are possible, like you feel moving through the line into the festival)

Confidence (that you will be happy, because at the very least you will see the few bands on your list)

Openness (conscious and satisfied with going with the flow and being surprised, because you know you can’t control your surroundings and have previous experience that allows you to trust that you will find plenty to delight you)

So what can you do in web design to illicit these feelings…..