I was talking with a friend today and he made an interesting point. He thought that what we (ux professionals) are doing is innovation that hasn't really made it to the "brick and mortar" side of marketing. That in his world where they produce the experience you get in store or at special events hasn't even tapped the type of thinking and strategizing that we are doing in the digital realm. What do you think? I'm intrigued. I would love to be put on on one of his project and see what I could come up with. Just dive in and see what happens. UX peeps are making leaps and bounds everyday in the quest to create relevant, meaningful experiences on the web and I know most of us spend time making sure the strategy extends beyond the web is some form (email, mobile, web acquisition), but what if the practice of UX went beyond the digital too. I know their are agencies who cross these boundaries, but the methods and practices of UX isn't even fully realized in most digital agencies so I can't imagine it's really made headway in this area. Have you done anything like this? Do share. I am interested in the process you use and the deliverables you make.