The late great home decorating magazine Domino had a series called, Can you Make this Outfit into a Room? (or something like that) It was great. I love seeing design inspiration flow between mediums. In the case of Fashion to Decor, I think the opportunity is to bring an intimacy to the room that you couldn't arrive at by beginning with the scale and function of a room. In fashion, texture (to the touch not just visual) and fit are major considerations. Applying these consideration particularly to a room adds a wonderful dimension. How does the pillow behind your back feel in combination with your bare feet on the flooring?

I came across this room today and immediatly thought it was great inspiration for web design. Don't you agreee? I am thinking about what is important when we design a room and what about that process to the interaction design table.

1. Sub Navigation and Supporting Content
2. Primary Navigation and Promotions
3. The company, here to help, ready to serve, happy that you are here
4. This is where you plug in. The opportunities. The two way conversation.
5. The trusted adviser. Why you come back again and again. The heart of the Brand.

*The Kitty = the hidden gems you find stuck in your mind long after you leave and that pop up again from time to time.

photo: via 7x7