what just happened when you saw this image?

here's what happened to me.

I noticed the colors and that it was kinda 60's. I liked the flowers...thought about blooming and blossoming

I thought about how my future seems bright..hey that was a realization, cool...I wonder who the artist is....I need to get back to painting...

then i heard the song. i don't really like the song but there was nothing i could to do keep it out, then i saw the "shades"...yucky I thought. My nice moment is over. I then continued humming the song in my head.

Couple things I'm thinking about.

1. I like that the image successfully took a very well know phrase and actually got me to respond to the original message not immediately jump to my old perspective and yes, dislike of the song and it's cliche message.

2. We all know the power of a song to evoke feelings and memories. What can I do to create experiences that are memorable and powerful. So much of my work is about the accomplishment of goals; users and business...tasks, processes, engagement...blah blah blah. If you've spent anytime with me recently you know I can't stop talking about how the true power in this world is held by those who sit in the Creative seat. Us Uxers can't forget that we sit in that seat and we should aim high with each project. It is possible to make an impact on someone that will haunt them for ever, like this dumb song.

image via: Design is Mine by Andy J Miller