Is this not the most extremely romantic passage? It's Perfect. I came across this yesterday while browsing Scandal!in Bohemia. It's from a story published in the New Yorker and while I was there I of course forgot all about the romance and zeroed in on the pagination:) It's really no frills in terms of visual design, you can't tell what is a link and it doesn't have a way to quickly jump to the first page, but what I do like is, "View as a Single Page". I like this for two reasons.

1. I would prefer to scroll, so it is lovely to have the option of doing that. It also feel particularly appropriate for this content, reading the New Yorker shares more in common with reading traditional print than say browsing camera reviews.

2. The word "Single". What a beautiful, simple, conversational, content appropriate way to to say "One Page". Just think about it. It feels romantic to me....

"The entire story fit on a single sheet of crisp white paper, which allowed me to fold it neatly and fit it squarely into the small pocket of my jeans, giving me a secret to carry around and produce throughout the day when every I needed a jolt."