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I sent out at tweet yesterday with a link to a Lovely Package posting about these lovelies. By the end of the day that little link had over 570 clicks.  This is a huge number for my little internet sphere.  I was originally attracted to the packaging from my perspective as an herbalist/aromatherapist.  I've spent many hours working on label design, titles and descriptions for the products I make.  One hurtle I am always trying to get over is people's preconceived notions of what "works".  If I make a product, it works. That's all you need to know;)  Not really, there's the whole doing it without chemicals, good for you, good for the world thing too. Ok, back on topic.

After thinking about it today, I conclude that people are responding so well to this packaging because it is a very successful attempt at simplicity, that also achieves perfect clarity.

I hear almost daily that simple is better....make it simple! When this simplicity trend started it was a nice shift in terms of aesthetic for sure but from an experience perspective we all know it's gone off the deep end and we're now getting simple at the cost of understandable.

The designer of this packaging understood what the customer knew and what the customer needed to know. The two sides of the "understanding your audience" coin.  The customer knows what the standard options are for a given health need. They know the common risks. They even know the actual names of products such as acetaminophen.  What they don't know is; on this shelf/in this store what is available? which exact box holds what I need? In providing only what the customer needed know in order to reach their hand out and grab it, the designers achieved brilliant clarity.

I would also guess that anyone buying these products would feel delight and as if they were getting something special. Making the experience of buying a bandage for your cut delightful is badass, I know I bought BAND-AIDS today, I don't remember anything about it.

This "lovely packaging" was designed by ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies

I must also credit @wion for his RT  He's sphere is much larger than mine.

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