Well, I'll first say that I don't know if Method actually performed contextual research around the product design of their baby + kids products, but one of their justifications for a recent packaging changes, smells very strongly of in store/ in home observations.

From the Method blog:

Q: Why the change?

A: Leaky Otters! We found that people were unable to resist taking the Otter's pants off (no joke!) to get a big whiff of the what the product smelled like. This more often than not loosened the cap underneath the Otter which in turn sometimes created a big mess either on a shelf in the store or all over your bathroom floor at home.

This is great. It's great because the company is checking in on how their products are performing and not just from a financial perspective. Understanding how well your products are performing can be measured in many ways, but there's nothing like watching customer interact with it in the store and then watch a clerk go over and wipe up the mess while muttering to himself about how much he hates Method's stupid little Otter. A slow decline in sales will never tell you why and it will never ever tell you it's because of the ottter's pants.

It couldn't have been cheap to make the change and to tell you the truth I think the Otter is much more esthetically pleasing than the Penguin, but making the change was smart, responsible and respectful to the sellers and users of their products.

If any of the Method people read this, I'd love to hear about your research methods and anyother interesting insight you've come across.

Happy Thursday everyone!  I'm heading to PickaThon to get my groove on this weekend. Yeah!