DawnAd600 Have you seen this commercial from Dawn?   Dawn Commercial, Wash Away: Help Dawn Save Wildlife

It such a perfect marriage of brand, product and cause. When you first see it you get that "of course" feeling. We all know Dawn cuts grease and is mild on your hands right. Why wouldn't it be the best thing to remove oil from animals fur and feathers.

The interesting thing is that the campaign idea was brought to Dawn from the people who actually work on recoveries, see this  NY Times article, they found it was the best product to use and brought it to Dawn's attention.

I think they've done a nice job with the campaign. It's on brand, reinforces the value proposition of the product and is telling a true story.  There is conversation on the web about Proctor and Gamble's continued use of animal testing, but that's another issue. This campaign I like and it is raising money for an issue I think gets way too little attention.

If you buy Dawn go here to make sure a dollar of your purchase goes to save wildlife.

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