IMG_7103 I've noticed that the best creative minds tend to work in multiple mediums. They have a primary focus, something they really do well, but they always have something else going on on the side or regularly try new creative endeavors.

Keeping my creative pursuits diversified is really important to me. I find it particularly important for those of us who work primarily in the digital realm to spend time working with physical materials. This isn't a problem for me I love to sew and make art of all kinds, but recently I've been a bit stuck and haven't be able to decide what to work on, so last week I ran a little contest. I guess I was crowd-sourcing inspiration....

I asked my twitter friends to submit their favorite word. I randomly selected one of the words and made something for the winner inspired by the word.  It worked. I went down into my studio and created something that night.  Here's what I made inspired by the word ABUNDANCE.



It may not be the most amazing thing in the world but it was fun to survey all the materials I had, consider the word and make something for someone else.

I mailed it off to Noah and he received it today. "He said it was, "cheery and delightful",  so I may have missed the mark creating something "Abundant" but I'll take it :)

So what diversified creative thinkers do you admire?

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