Where would you go for a lunch meeting here in Portland.

It must be yummy, reflect well on our fair city and quiet enough to have a conversation.

Here are the responses from my twitter friends.

skry... Navarre, Blue Hour, Portland City Grill

benry.... "I'd suggest Higgins Restaurant and Bar"

DevilGirlPDX.... "Highly recommend @BellyTimberPDX ! The menu is creative, but simple with a few items to raise eyebrows."

nick .... " Heathman, Thyphoon, Newport Bay on the waterfront, or even Henry's."  (Newport Bay on the waterfront has closed )

ranielle.... "I'm a fan of the Heathman Restaurant."

joshuarr.... "Bridgeport Brewery (Pearl), BellyTImber (Hawthorne), ten-01 (pearl), Clyde Common (NW), or Whiffies. )"

chadmor.... "Clyde Common is pretty good for that pdx eclectic charm. Fats pub is good for neighborhood charm."

What's your suggestion?  The meeting is next Tuesday.


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