A great way to make sure a revision to a wire is noticed is to change the example you are using  ALSO Using relevant examples (text and photos) can go along way in expressing strategy and the strength of the design.

Here's How it Works


In versions 1-3 you used Ginger's Dance studio as the example for a Business Detail page, now you have a major revision to make and want to make sure no one accidentally uses the old versions. Change the example business to Hot Dogs Hot Dogs!

Now you can say, "Be sure you the are using the Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! version".  So much better than "Are you using version 4?"

This works great for big changes but also for small ones would be easily missed.

Demonstrating Strategy:

I know many of you still use Lorum Ipsum but I've switch over to "real" example text/photos as it is a tool for testing the design and expressing the strategy to the team. Don't get me wrong I don't write copy for all places copy appears just for the places that are pivotal to understanding the design.

You can often find the perfect copy or photo out on the the web so you don't even have to spend a bunch of time writing copy when you should be doing one of the other hundred things on the UX plate.




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