It's an exciting time for new  ideas and interesting digital products. I'm signing up for about 5 new services a week. Many I'm genuinely interested in using, others just to keep my eye on the interaction design, startup, digital landscape ball.  I'll have to write a post on the many trends I'm seeing because their are a ton. The biggest trend I see is coming up with something new. With the emergence and persistent growth of stuff like the smart phone market, tablet devices, the new an totally unrealized world of location based services and community created information and sharing , everyone is looking for the next new thing. But what about all this stuff we already use. Is it done. No more creative problem solving around the products we use everyday. Are we done working on the products so essential they were developed first? Google keeps trying stuff. Wave, that social media thing I can't remember, Google Docs.  Not all of it has worked but I like that there are smart people still trying to make my every day more efficient and effective.  I like that there are groups of people working on eliminate the daily frustrations that go with using software instead of coming up with something new I have to figure out how to integrate into my life. Don't get me wrong I love new ideas, I have a few in the works and I'm addicted to trying new products out. My life is better with all of this new stuff. But I think if some of the basic activities of my day were streamlined I'd have better success utilizing the new stuff.

So I was extremely please to discover Fantastical a calender input program that integrates with all your Mac calenders.

The idea is brilliant. Throw away the old clunky methods of entering events into your calender and replace with an elegant time saving input program.

You must try it yourself but here is what I like about it.

1. Natural language input.

2. Enter all of the information into one field rather than the average 4 field steps of other calender programs.

3.  You can cut and paste into said field!!!

4. Beautiful interface design with fun and elegant visual feedback of actions.

5. Easy to access list view of all upcoming events and meetings.

6. Search

High five! to the creators flexibits.

Love their company description too.


Flexibits is Michael SimmonsKent Sutherland

...and we create applications that are enjoyable and flexible. What do we mean by flexible? Making your Mac better. Making your life better. Removing frustration.

We're users too, so we know what a good user experience should be. If you're disappointed or frustrated with anything, please let us know. With many years of experience working on many popular apps, our hope is that our experience and passion is evident in everything we do.

Flexibits: Flexible bits.


Hooray for improvement instead of invention! Hooray for not giving up on the dream of seamless, enjoyable, natural computing!