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I enjoyed reading Barry Johnson's detailed account of The Felt Hat's presentation at last weeks Designspeaks. He, unlike me, took some great notes and I think his perspective on the lessons, themes and high points of the night are spot on. This  particular statement resonated with me "...when we are trying to generate creative outcomes, we have to start messing around with the process" Although I might change "creative outcomes" to "quality outcomes" or "successful outcomes" fueled by creative intention and energy, h nails it that the grand take away from the evening was that great stuff is accomplished when we mess around with the process and are open to where the process can take us.

The Felt Hat is obviously living this particular creative dream and I was inspired to hear them talk so passionately and proudly of the work they have been  part of.  Damn that water bill was sexy and I don't think that could have happened if they set out to make a sexy water bill.

So like I said I didn't take a bunch of notes that night instead I choose to listen and absorb, but I did jot down one thing.

"conceptual thread"

I don't remember exactly who said it or in what context but it has stuck with me.  So I thought I'd tell you what it means to me after listening to the presentation. (Dear Felt Hat folks forgive me if I get it wrong, correct me for sure.)


The Conceptual Thread

When we try to accomplish something, intentional or not, we participate in a process.

If we acknowledge the positive effect of letting the needs of the project direct or define this process how do we insure that the process continually adds value and that the eventual outcome rises above the limitations of our minds?

Custom Process + Creative Thinker does not necessarily equal Brilliant Design.

There is a something else need to bring integrity, focus and heart to the work.

The process can fail or change, the designer can get lost or  frustrated, but paying continuous attention to maintaining the conceptual thread is paramount in achieving great design.

Have  the courage to follow it wherever it leads you. Find a way to realize what manifests.


Well maybe that's a bit heady and silly but I was inspired to think about this stuff. Mission accomplished Designspeaks.

Great night overall. I'm so happy to be included in the group of brilliant people organizing Designspeaks. I hope whether  you made it out this time or not you will follow us on Twitter and keep up to date with the exciting stuff on the horizon and join the conversation about design.

I'll leave you with a great tweet quote from that night sent by @cre8tivegirl "In order to start with nothing you have to have hope to be begin"


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