I stumbled upon this sweepstakes campaign HP is running and found it interesting.  It raised the question we all struggle with designing campaigns. How much is too much to ask of users? In order to enter you are asked to watch multiple videos then perform a one question comprehension test in order to enter.  I feel like I'm in 3rd grade. Comprehension Test!

Does this seem like a bit much too you?  I was about to do it until I realized that the answer would be hidden somewhere within the four videos. Did I really want to watch all of them? How long are they?  Do I still get to enter if I get the answer wrong?

With further investigation I found that the videos were under 30 seconds each. That would have been nice to know.  I would have also enjoyed seeing that other people had participated and found value or at least enjoyed the exercise.

This campaign highlights a current challenge in digital marketing strategy. How much can we ask of users?  How much should we ask?  What trade-offs are we willing to make to attract and engage a more quality set of users or increase the value of the impression?

I do like the idea at it's heart.  I enjoy the fact that a company is attempting to teach me something I may not know and provide a solution. What better way to sell something? The videos are actually entertaining even if the content is a bit suspect. And why shouldn't we try to get users to actually pay attention?  I'm really interested to see what people actually typed into this little box.  Care to share HP?