GOOD Ideas for Cities: The Marshal Project

I recently participated in the creative and intelectual exercise known as GOOD Ideas for Cities a program of GOOD magazine.

A handful of creative teams were selected to work with local city agencies and organizations to tackle some of the issues theses groups are currently working on and struggling with. I was extremely attracted to the idea of using some of the brain power and talent of our creative industry to think about the topics that our local agency's demed in need of attention.

We creatives love to solove problems that's what we do. We do it for clients all day long and we often without prompt profess our ideas for every problem that runs across our inbox, twitter stream and news reader but what was absolutely wonderful about this project was being asked to solve problems that the people working on the ground deemed in need of some additional thought and ideas.

We were told the sky was the limit and to not limit our ideas to what we thought was possible but to think what would be great and the best solution.

You can watch the video presentation and read a little write up of my group Team ADX here.

We had a great response to our presentation and are actually presenting to Portland Public Schools today!

The other groups has some great ideas too. I'll do a post about them soon.