Freelancers Union

If you live in Oregon, New York or New Jersey and work for yourself you'll be happy to hear this. It seems many of you in Oregon will be "Portland ranks 5th with its share of self-employment among the top metropolitan areas"  

We're excited to announce that Freelancers Union is sponsoring new, nonprofit, member-driven health plans in New York, New Jersey, and Oregon. This innovation, known as Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPs), brings back the classic meaning of "insurance" for today's workers: joining together to build collective security and mutual support, free from the tethers of the profit-driven health insurance industry.  - Freelancers Union

If you don't know about the Freelancers Union you should if not for the health insurance that is coming our way but for the amazing deal you can get on short term disability insurance.  I priced this privately recently and it was cost prohibited. These prices are AMAZING.

This is a great article about Sara Horowitz the founder of  Freelancers Union. What an amazing woman. What a great organization. Proud to be a member.


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