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Found this in my draft posts. I don't know what I was getting at with the title but I like this little manifesto and thought I would take a shot at elaborating on it. 


Don't do harm

Respect norms

Don't teach bad habits

Utilize innovative research and technology

Cooperate with the needs and desires of customers/users


What a nice little reminder for those of us defining and creating experiences.  

Don't do harm - This is vague, yet interesting and important. In order to not do harm you have to understand so much about the users of your product. This one sounds like the easiest but I think it's actually the one that gets broken most of the time. 

For example, how many times a month do you open an application and start to do something you've done a thousand times and find that the developers have changed it. Your stomach sinks a bit, you make an ugh sound, sigh and then sadly tap through what will be an experience you will morn and struggle with for the coming days/weeks/months. Lot's of ways to harm your existing relationships with users, your brand, the experience that so many people came together to design and grow. Gotta think about this one at every step. 

Respect Norms - As a designer I rarely argue for designing for the lowest common denominator. I am generally on the other side of this argument. I talk about respecting the intelligence of our users and the fact that people can learn and will learn if you are a good teacher/leader. But I like this one two. A person should feel comfortable and empowered by your experience (Unless your goal is to disrupt. That has it's place too). Being conscious of the norms of interaction, language and intent helps you wrap your user in a nice warm blanket of confidence and trust.   

 Don't teach bad habits - Even if it's the easy way to do it. Every moment in your experience is firing off a neuron and creating muscle memories. I would also add that we shouldn't indulge bad habits when we respect norms. Tricky.

 Utilize innovative research and technology - It's so easy to keep designing the same thing over and over again. Our clients and managers often encourage this or at least make it really easy to. Find your way to keep up with the awesome thinkers and makers. Be a thinker and maker. Partner with people who push you.

 Cooperate with the needs and desires of customers/users - Cooperation. I like this word as it pertains to finding balance between business and user needs/goals/desires. As the person on the team that has to ride that line and hold everyone accountable for it at each decision point this word helps me approach these decisions in the correct frame of mind. 


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