TechFest NW happened a week or so ago. I was unable to make it to much but I did get down there the participate in my first hackathon. Below is the resulting presentation deck and a recap of what my team did. 


There are hundreds of words, acronyms and jargon used when people discuss, debate and participate in the work ICANN is doing. It's important for people looking to engage in the community to truly understand what they are reading in order to be part of the conversation and understand the impacts of it's policy making. Glossaries work to a certain extent but three issues immediately come up.  



Lot of the discussions are going on outside of ICANN urls so how can we provide a way for the glossary to be accessed no matter where you are.  



Definitions can only go so far. Often context is needed to truly understand the meaning and implications of a word or phrase.



ICANN is a global organization and needs to engage folks around the world. Translations for this type of content will fail pretty quickly if not done by a person who is a native speaker and knows the matrial; even then one person's interpretation may not be accurate or could benefit from other voices. 



A plug in that a publisher can activate on their site that highlights any word found in the ICANN glossary. This highlighted word can then be hovered over for a definition and clicked to get further context or to add to the definition.  

Aside from this contextual access to definitions and translations the tool will ask readers to contribute to the definition and translation of the word or phrase. Crowd sourced understanding!

I was really excited by this idea because its usefulness as a product doesn't end with ICANN this could be applied to many different scenarios and garner some amazing results.  I'd love to build this for real if anyone wants to join me :)


Thanks to TechFest NW, Neo, Hackathon for Social Good and ICANN Labs and my team (see final slide) it was a great time!


GOOD Ideas for Cities: The Marshal Project

I recently participated in the creative and intelectual exercise known as GOOD Ideas for Cities a program of GOOD magazine.

A handful of creative teams were selected to work with local city agencies and organizations to tackle some of the issues theses groups are currently working on and struggling with. I was extremely attracted to the idea of using some of the brain power and talent of our creative industry to think about the topics that our local agency's demed in need of attention.



I take full advantage of the awesomeness that is asking questions of my Twitter Followers.  It's amazing. Out shopping and need to decide between red or white shoes? Snap a photo, send it out, opinions roll in.   I ask a lot of questions about work; best practices, how others do it, links to resources... I also ask questions about living in my lovely town Portland, Or. If you follow me you may have noticed I often say I will post the results of my Twitter polls, but do I?  No no I don't. I've been lame. That ends now.

Here are the answers to my question regarding visiting local wineries. Not a lot of responses but I'm dedicated to my new good citizen behavior and will be posting the answers to all my Twitter queries.

My friend Stephen (@stlandau)  works at Substance (@substance) and they built a lovely site to answer my particular question.

A:    "How about all of them? #oregonwine"

@lovelylauren 's opinion means more to me then most and she says, "I enjoyed Ponzi when @lizziebennett took me there..."

I'm really excited to try @ChadMortensen 's suggestion.  "It's not a winery but I love going to @sakeone and taking the tour of the sakery #oregonwine"


Where would you go for a lunch meeting here in Portland.

It must be yummy, reflect well on our fair city and quiet enough to have a conversation.

Here are the responses from my twitter friends.

skry... Navarre, Blue Hour, Portland City Grill

benry.... "I'd suggest Higgins Restaurant and Bar"

DevilGirlPDX.... "Highly recommend @BellyTimberPDX ! The menu is creative, but simple with a few items to raise eyebrows."

nick .... " Heathman, Thyphoon, Newport Bay on the waterfront, or even Henry's."  (Newport Bay on the waterfront has closed )

ranielle.... "I'm a fan of the Heathman Restaurant."

joshuarr.... "Bridgeport Brewery (Pearl), BellyTImber (Hawthorne), ten-01 (pearl), Clyde Common (NW), or Whiffies. )"

chadmor.... "Clyde Common is pretty good for that pdx eclectic charm. Fats pub is good for neighborhood charm."

What's your suggestion?  The meeting is next Tuesday.


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Ten out of Tenn

This is such a beautiful and effective site. I love the the subtlety of the navigation and social media links.

The colors are excellent. My eyes moves around easily finding everything I would expect to find.

ten out of tenn footer

and who could deny the beauty and brillance of this?  check out the site to experience the roll over interaction.


This tour will be in Portland on Sunday. Maybe I'll see you there.


ww1guy I'll be doing a little presentation at next week's Show n' Tell.  The theme for the night is "What are you doing to change the world?". While I'm not sure I'm quite changing the world (yet) I am formulating approaches to my work that will contribute positively to the world and at the very least avoid causing harm.

In the presentation will be talking about Strategy.  It's a word that is thrown around so much in business and in particular in the marketing/advertising/creative industries world, but what does it mean? What are the implications of creating and implementing one?  I will talk about the underling spirit of the term and introduce ways we can avoid doing harm when we create one.

I hope you will come on down.  This event is part of the very first, The New Communicators event.  Check it out. Come on out.

Thanks Substance

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edsdeloresdaniel Hey local weekly papers!

I have an idea and you may have it.

Seems like everyday there is a radio conversation, news report or article coming though my twitter stream talking about the demise or at least the changing face of the newspaper industry. It seems a big part of the problem is falling ad revenue. Well, I see one revenue stream you aren't tapping into, Personal Announcements.

You remember right....something big has happened or is going to happen and you send some copy and a photo to your local paper to announce it to your community. This used to be a must do for engagements, weddings, births and deaths but these days it is a fading tradition. You should bring it back. I promise it will be a hit.

Do you this is a dumb idea? I mean with all the social media tools available people already have enough places to announce the milestones of their lives right?  Well, I  think the online social media movement is one of the reasons this is the perfect time to revive this particular way of communicating. We are way into sharing, you just need to divert some of the sharing energy to your papers.

Here is my list of reasons this is a good idea and will make your paper tons and tons of money so we can continue to get get in-depth reporting on issues that rarely make it to the main stream media.

  • People love to tell everyone about their life. Heard of Facebook?
  • Your 30 something readership are all doing the things that are good to announce.
  • We like throwbacks. Innovation through reinvention is the darling of us Gen X and Y'ers
  • The announcement thing just kinda fits with the whole handmade movement, especially around weddings and births. Have you visited many design and crafty blogs lately. We ladies are designing some beautiful weddings and our children look like they've been styled by a professionals.
  • Digital photography. We take pictures and share pictures.
  • .......and finally even though we love all the awesome online tools there is nothing as wonderful as seeing your name, photo or prose in old fashion black and white.

The Stranger and MercurySeattle Weekly, Willamette Weekly.  I am so talking to you.  I can see this section now. It could be beautifully designed and if you like I could be the editor:)

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I just submitted a proposal for Ignite Portland. The topic is about applying what I've learned working with essential oils to design and the creative process. Sound interesting? I think so. Now I just have to flush it out.

If I get in this will be my first presentation outside of work since high school. Kinda crazy. Hope I can do it:)

You can check out the full list of proposals here. If you participate in the voting (which you can) I hope you will vote for me and John from MilkMuny (because his presentation will be truly inspiring)

Ok, sorry for the slowed posting lately, I have a bunch of balls in the air right now, but they are all providing me with good writing ideas (if I can get around to it!)


Portland UX Book Club will have it's first gathering this Thursday. Woot! I'm feeling excited to get this thing started. It's been a few month since I decided to start the Portland chapter and it's been fun watching other clubs roll out across the world.

Our first book, Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam, isn't a UX specific book but a fun one that adds to the skills important for those of us out there practicing UX in all it's many forms. I'll be interested in hearing what parts of the book (method) are resonating and have practical application for other UX peeps.

If you are coming please RSVP or if you can't make it this time join the Google Group to stay informed.


I attended the first Data Viz group last night it was less and educational experience and more a night of posing questions, which was kinda fun. I was super impressed by the turn out and the variety of folks who had a true interest in this sort of thing. So wonderful! Here are the little sparks I took away and am thinking about:

*Expressing ideas vs. Expressing data

*Making a connection with someone or something that generates ideas is a good interaction, and could be called art.

*What types of things can we as designers do to develop your trust in the data?

*Try to merge the gap between useful and beautiful.

*Reduce the time it takes to understand.

*Clients don't understand what they are paying for. Could data viz give them something to appreciate?

I also wanted to mention as I did last night, if you are into innovative ways to display a ton of information in a beautiful and useful way I would encourage you to spend sometime with State of the Salmon created by local agency Periscopic. I caught a presentation of it at PDX Show and Tell a while back. There did happen to be a woman from the agency there last night and she spoke up once I mentioned the site, she will hopefully be presenting at the next meeting.

This article was making it's way around twitter today too. Data Visualization Is Reinventing Online Storytelling

(image is from State of the Salmon)