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Wow. I just spent 4 months in Boulder, CO and came back so inspired. The startup scene there is vibrant and alive and I was able to meet and work with a truly outstanding group of people I hope to call my friends for many years to come. 

One company I had the pleasure of meeting was Conspire. They have a tool for finding the strongest connection between you and someone you would like to meet or contact  by analyzing your email behaviors and I must say it is quite amazing. 

They've just launched a new aspect of the product - Networks.  This feature harnesses the power of a community to support individuals in their plight to grow their business and networks. 

I asked Alex if Portland could be an early participant and he was nice enough to set up a Network just for us. 

"What is the PDX Tech and Design network on Conspire? Joining the network means you are willing to help others in the community. Each member of the network is connected so that we can facilitate introductions for each other. This empowers everyone with the strength of the extended community."

If you would like an invitation shoot me a message.

AuthorTyesha Snow