I early adopt the crap out of new software, web and mobile apps. You probably do too. It's good for our professional development to keep an eye on what others are doing. I'm also just a lover of new stuff that makes my life more fun or productive. 

This past few years I've spent most of my time working on early stage products so this gives me a unique perspective when I'm taking them for a test drive and I'm trying to make a habit of not keeping my thoughts to myself but documenting and sharing back to the company. This information can be really helpful to the folks working their buts off to make us cool stuff. 

I would love to encourage you to do the same. Rather than enjoy it in silence or nitpick it to yourselves. Keep track of your thoughts and shoot them an email or ask for a change via a tweet .

I tweeted Slack a while back complaining of how many steps it took to switch between groups on the mobile app. They tweeted right back the shortcut (3 finger swipe). Then I gave them a suggestion for an improvement (Display the name of the group for a second after the swipe so you know when you are on the right one) They implemented it in I think 24hours if not less. Isn't that cool?!  Now I have a better product to use and they got smart feedback from a customer which is what every product developer wants. 

So to demonstrate here is the feedback I sent to recently launched and super awesome Gmail plug in Sortd.



Loving your product! Congrats to you!

Couple thoughts (I'm a product designer myself so just trying to help):

1. Try targeting your email communication better
I just got the below email letting me know I have invites to share but if you had your systems set up in a certain way you would have known that I have already invited close to 15 people. I implemented it on 3 of my gmail accounts because I love it so much and this gave me access to 15 invites. You missed an opportunity to thank me for being an early supporter and instead asked me to do something I have already done for you.


2. Did you know women are WAY more into the idea of your product then men?
I posted on FB about the product and asked if anyone wanted an invite. Lot's of folks did. The interesting thing is that of the 19 people that wanted a code 18 were women. My husband (the stay at home dad) was the only man who was interested. You probably already know this is the case but thought I'd share. Actually one other man responded. He said he is happy with Any.do already and isn't looking for a replacement. 


3. My biggest usability hurtles right now are
I want a big button top left to switch between regular Gmail view and Sortd list view. Right now I think the only way to do this is to click on the teeny tiny tab on the far right. This is awkward and outside of my usual gmail flow. My mouse stays on the left side.  I also find huge value in switching back and forth and I'm not a keyboard shortcut person (I know that's what you were going to suggest :)


All the buttons are too small. It's a surgical moment to find and select buttons like everything in the top nav bar and archive/trash on the email it's self.


4. Batch select would be nice
Everyday I batch select and Archive of Delete. It would be cool to do this from the Sortd interface but not a huge deal, especially if I get that quick switch button. 


That's all for now! Hope the week has been a great success. I have been working on an "in Gmail" product this year and it's a whole different beast bravo on the work so far!


Tyesha Snow


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