There's a lot of conversations going on about how brands should interact with us. The prevailing thoughts from the smarty pants is that a brand should work on developing a relationship with me through many light weight, meaningful interactions. Makes sense. But I've been noticing that since I've stopped watching broadcast tv and starting living in my world of personally curated content that I'm missing a ton and would enjoy a bit of disruptive advertising to turn my head in new directions. 

I never know what movies are out.
I miss huge cultural events.
I don't know about the latest this and that, unless it's coming from a brand I already have this so called relationship with.
When I surf the web I see ads for the stuff I already bought and my Twitter feed is totally gentrified. Dang it!

How the hell can I get some disruption over here! I want to know things I don't already care about. I want to buy shit I don't already have. 

Disrupted advertising isn't dead nor should it be and I'd like to see more of it.

When done right disrupted advertising says, hey you shouldn't have to be in the know to hear about this. This is important whether you are well plugged in or not.

If we rely on small interactions that spread through existing social constructs to develop the holy grail of a relationship with customers this alienates people not already integrated into these networks and perpetuates knowledge gaps between the connected and the non-connected.

An it's not just brands it's all types of organizations that have information to get out. It may not matter if I know about a new movie but it does matter when my experience of the world is limited to only what I "subscribe" to. 



Note: I realize parts of this position bump up against my last post A Steady Diet of Ignorance but that why this stuff is hard. 

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