Dear Delicious, 

I don't think you understand how people use your product or you just don't care. It's exhausting. I should just leave but I'm in too deep and everything else is more product than I want or need. Will you read this and just think about it? If you can't figure out how to do better. Just make this whole thing Open Source and get out of the way. But I don't think it needs to come to that. You have a lot of people and content and you have history. I'm sure you can figure something out. Maybe look at some analytics or ask your users some questions. Just a thought...


1. This is what I want but it's over here. Marginalized, disrespected trapped in a design pattern that doesn't understand it. Why Delicious? Why?


2. You know I want this. The navigation label acknowledges this.  


3. What about this big space? My tags would love to stretch out here and be easy to browse and click. What's this stuff? I just saved these. I'm not here to remember them. Recency doesn't equal importance. 


4. Really this much space reserved for one saved link? You know there is a whole site behind that saved link. I only have to click it and I'll get more than you could every show me here.  Also, why do I care who else saved the link?  I have enough friends. Quit pushing these people on me. 


5. This list that I have been adding to for almost 10 years is a glimpse into my inner workings. It documents my professional development and my personal interest. This raw data about me is not for public consumption. You know that about me. I've never in 10 years responded to any of these social features.  

The problem with Delicious.jpg
AuthorTyesha Snow