edsdeloresdaniel Hey local weekly papers!

I have an idea and you may have it.

Seems like everyday there is a radio conversation, news report or article coming though my twitter stream talking about the demise or at least the changing face of the newspaper industry. It seems a big part of the problem is falling ad revenue. Well, I see one revenue stream you aren't tapping into, Personal Announcements.

You remember right....something big has happened or is going to happen and you send some copy and a photo to your local paper to announce it to your community. This used to be a must do for engagements, weddings, births and deaths but these days it is a fading tradition. You should bring it back. I promise it will be a hit.

Do you this is a dumb idea? I mean with all the social media tools available people already have enough places to announce the milestones of their lives right?  Well, I  think the online social media movement is one of the reasons this is the perfect time to revive this particular way of communicating. We are way into sharing, you just need to divert some of the sharing energy to your papers.

Here is my list of reasons this is a good idea and will make your paper tons and tons of money so we can continue to get get in-depth reporting on issues that rarely make it to the main stream media.

  • People love to tell everyone about their life. Heard of Facebook?
  • Your 30 something readership are all doing the things that are good to announce.
  • We like throwbacks. Innovation through reinvention is the darling of us Gen X and Y'ers
  • The announcement thing just kinda fits with the whole handmade movement, especially around weddings and births. Have you visited many design and crafty blogs lately. We ladies are designing some beautiful weddings and our children look like they've been styled by a professionals.
  • Digital photography. We take pictures and share pictures.
  • .......and finally even though we love all the awesome online tools there is nothing as wonderful as seeing your name, photo or prose in old fashion black and white.

The Stranger and MercurySeattle Weekly, Willamette Weekly.  I am so talking to you.  I can see this section now. It could be beautifully designed and if you like I could be the editor:)

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