I am having a positive reaction to this site

for the following reasons....

100 to watch home


The bookmark metaphor

The color coded medium identifiers (colored dots, key in the top left)

Getting a nice preview of the work

Navigating with arrow keys

It mimics the experience of walking through a gallery.

It utilizes the wide screen (i have one so I like it)

I'm so so about the audio announcing each artist. As a an English speaker I enjoy hearing how to pronounce the names.  It is a bit futuristic and creepy though.

(I found the site via SiteInspire)

100 to watch inside 1

100 to watch inside

KornFerry Home Page

I like this site.*

1. The colors and texture are really pleasing and unexpected for a staffing site.

2. I'm a fan of using the main navigation to tell the story. By placing it in the middle of the page what's inside the site is elevated to something worth exploring not just a bunch of links pushed to the side or up in the corner.

This placement allows the eyes to bounce through each navigation label and build a quick understanding of what the site and/or company has to offer.

3. The subtle animations in the hero and the headers of the sub pages are smooth, interesting and add to the experience.

*Yes, there are places it falls apart, especially on some of the internal pages, but I suspect the final comps and interaction plan before development and months of little changes by various business interests, were really great.


What is the current standard for showing where you are and were you can go? This site (which is lovely by the way) uses the bright yellow to show to show active links. But while I was there my mind kept getting really confused. I expected the place I was to be highlighted and even though I realized what the convention was I couldn't quit making mistakes as I navigated around.

What do you think?