LinkI attended my first networking event a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good. Met some nice people and got hooked up with a volunteer gig with the AMA My teams' project is working on the Big Brother Big Sister website. We have our first meeting next week. I'm looking forward to meeting the people on my team. I'm working hard to settle into my new design/ux community, you can't just sit at home and make a happy career.

Yesterday I had drinks with the el presidente, as he calls himself, of a little web agency. It was pretty interesting to talk with him about how the work I do could be scaled down, to be implemented in really small projects. At first i was a bit stumped. How do you add Ux practices to a 5, 10 or 15K web project? Would there be enough value to make it worthwhile, can the practices be scaled down that much?

I think it can and why should big sites be the only ones to benifit from user centered design and strategic information architecture? I'm going to try and create some packages for smaller size jobs for him. If you have any ideas or thoughts let me know.