Hey Big Fish is our gift to the SXSW community.It helps you engage in a more meaningful way during and after the event. It creates a record of  SXSW 2013 that represents what happened and what the community valued.

The Story

Our team came together with the goal of designing a product to launch as SXSW. The idea was to create a little gift for our peers and bring some attention to the great work our organizations are doing.

The first step was to find a technology partner and fellow Portland, Or company Little Bird was an obvious choice.  Their product quickly became the spark of inspiration we needed - We could use Little Bird’s technology to add a layer of smarts to whatever we come up with.


ia-icon I'm super excited to be attending next year's SXSW. I'll be attending the Interactive Conference then staying on for the music (bets are being taken now on whether I'll make it through all of that).

This has been a year of "getting out there" for me and finally making it to this conference will be the cherry in my Manhattan.

So in my excitement for the event I am reading the most recent email from Southby and came across something fairly disappointing.   The criteria for which sites submitted to the web contest will be judged completely leaves out the efforts of User Experience Architects, Interaction Designers , Information Architects, Strategist and to a great extent Developers.

Here's what the site says:

"How are submissions judged?

All entries are judged in three criteria:

* Visual Design: The appearance of the site.

* Creativity: Is the website unique? Does it offer something new or never before seen?

* Content: The meat and potatoes of the site. Is the subject matter worthwhile?"

I'm really surprised by this, it seems the community of people who's work won't be considered in the judging is a huge percentage of the people who attend the conference. I don't know this for sure but I don't think it's a conference of only visual designers and writers. Just check out this great list of UX related presentations submitted this year.  Top User Experience Design Panels for SXSW Interactive 2010 by Nick Finck

It's true that what I do will contribute to the creativity and appearance of the site but it's more than that. What I do is requires a specific set of skills and it would be great to see how my work would be judged against others.

What other categories would you add to the judging criteria?

I would add:

Information Architecture: how well is the content organized?

Goals: how well does the site achieve it's goals. Are the user pathways clear, seamless and effortless?

Interaction: are to tools and process kick ass. could your grandma sign up, checkout, make the thing?

Landscape: does the site add something new to the landscape it is part of? does it standout and set the business out in front of it's competitors?

Development: does it use awesome technology in awesome ways.

These are just some ideas. I would hope the SXSW folks would give it some thought.

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