It's difficult to demonstrate experience design with a portfolio. I prefer to get together and tell you the stories and show you the work that relevant to you. 

But - I have put in my 10,000 hours. Here's a quick rollup of projects to illustrate this.  


Companies I've worked with

Hawaii Air
New England Bio Labs
Silicon Valley Bank
Stanford University
Many other tech companies
Many other brand marketing and web experiences

Agency Partners

Emerge Interactive


Project Highlights

Experience Design Lead (Website Redesign)

Complete digital transformation for this incredible, ground breaking community hospital.

(Currently working on this one)

Product Design Consultant

SellerActive is software merchants use to list and manage sales on large online retailers like Amazon and ebay. New feature development, site wide interaction guide development, usability improvements. 

Lead Product Designer and Head of UX

Working on the Vitature product. Software build for the dietary supplements industry for researching, developing and preparing for the manufacturing of new products.



Head of Product

 MobileRQ helps enterprise brands drive loyalty and revenue by creating relevant and engaging mobile experiences for their customers. The Contextual Mobile Content Platform enables digital manager and marketers to craft highly personalized in-app content and messages based on a rich and dynamic set of actionable data. 

Lead Product Designer

Uptyck is an advanced integrated CRM and sales process tool embedding right inside your Gmail interface. I worked with the founder to define and design it. 



Cofound & Chief Product Officer

WÜF is building a wearable computing device for dogs, dubbed as the "World's Smartest Dog Collar".
The WÜF collar is all about helping (wo)man and dog understand each other on a deeper, more intimate level. With this in mind, we go beyond simple activity or location tracking, and bring in contextual data and educational materials to make every dog owner the World's Best Dog Owner.



Lead Product Designer

Participated in product definition of a new software offering at Autodesk. The software was a robust tool for managing manufacturing processes. I was the lead designer for version one of the product. I also developed the usability testing plan. 


In-house Designer and Mentor for this, 3 month startup accelerator offered by Techstars and powered by Nike. 

This amazing experience included working with each of the companies to consume the advice and information they received, and work-shop them through ideas to develop product concepts, features and designs. 

I also acted as a mentor teaching them how to have a user centered approach to their product design and just did a lot of ux design work on their products.

: Information Architecture, Product Design, Product Strategy, Teaching



Lead designer of this soon to launch mobile payments product for the underbanked in the developing world.  My team worked from concept to build.

: Offline processes, interactions and materials, Android tablet and iPhone Applications. with Emerge Interactiv


Sprout is a corporate wellness program that engages companies through their culture to  help employee's meet their health goals together.

: Product strategy, architecture and ux design. 

Intel Phone.jpg

Super cool. Super secret mobile project. 

: Interaction design and modeling  


Send them your medical bills. They find the errors and get your bills reduced. Great start-up that is on a mission. They are creating pattern recognition technology and innovative data entry methods to automate and augment the audit process. 

: Product strategy, workflow design, consumer product design.


Well established experimental learning program looking to integrate iPads into the experience. 

: RFP development consultation, early stage connecting, client education.  with Exprima Media


Hey Big Fis h was a geeky experiment and collaboration between Little Bird, Waggener Edstrom and Tater Tot Designs. We created a tool for the SXSW community. I wrote about it here. 

: Product connecting, Lead designer, UX, IA and Content. 



The galaxy's greatest unknown rock band teaches math to kids. It's a TV show, it's an App, it's an experience that is engaging kids in learning in new ways. 

: App design, Creative concepting and collaboration with the Founder and film maker


iPad app that allows special educators, psychologists, speech language pathologists and parents to conduct the preeminent assessment instrument for children with autism and other developmental delays. 

: Translated a complex protocol for assessment from paper to digital, ux design.  with Exprima Media


Social media campaign and brand experience for Cliff Bar.  

: Creative concepting, persona development, social strategy, ux design.  with North

Hawaiian Air.jpeg

While I was Director of User Experience our agency was Social Media AOR. with tenfour

: Campaign ideas, design, implementation and management. with tenfour


The "App Factory" - Intel asked us to conceive and design a suite of Applications for the new Tizen operating system. With a team of 14 people we designed 48 Apps in 3 months. 

: Lead strategist and designer. Managed the team. Creative direction. Creative concepting and design. with tenfour


The Big Reboot was a campaign created in partnership with Toshiba, Intel and Staples. It gave away 6 10k prize packages to small businesses across the US. 

: Campaign strategy and experience design. with tenfour


Guess what the photo is before it resolves! Zoomie is an original game we created to demonstrate the new Tizen operating system.

: Creative concept. Game design.  with tenfour


GOOD Ideas for Cities taps creative problem-solvers to tackle real urban challenges and present their solutions at live events across the country. 

: Research. Creative concepting. Presentation.  with ADX




The Portland Art Museum is the seventh oldest museum in the United States and the oldest in the Pacific Northwest. We redesigned their website, created a new digital strategy and implemented new branding and identity.

: Research, Strategy Workshops, Usability Testing, UX Design.  with Exprima Media 


A music discovery platform that utilizes personal stories to help you find just what you need to hear.

: Co-Founder and Product Designer

Startup serving the needs of caregivers by providing tools to keep everyone coordinated and communicating around the care of a loved one. I worked with them think through what their product could be.

: Research analysis, developed multiple concepts and designs for the product architecture and interaction model.


The MeeGo project is a Linux-based, open source software platform. I provided a usability audit and delivered new interaction models and designs.

: Usability Audit, Interaction design. with tenfour


Razer is the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems. We redesigned their ecommerce site.

: Information Architecture, UX Design with Copious


This was an amazing project that included interviewing scientist and getting deep into the crazy world of scientific data organization.

: Information Architecture, Research, UX Design, Usability Testing.  


ODS dental insurance mobile experience. 

: UX design with ISITE Design


Chillingo is a primer game publisher (Angry Birds)

: Digital strategy, UX design with Tangible


MTV Iggy is a music discovery and news site. 

: Digital strategy, IA, UX design. with Tangible



Sustainable Harvest: iPad App

AIGA Portland: Site Redesign Directory: Product Design




Mt Hood Meadows: Site Redesign

Oregon Food Bank: Site Redesign

Big Brothers Big Sisters NW: Site Redesign

Microsoft Mobile Training: Research, Site design, Interactive Tool design

Intel: Content Syndication: Product design

Intel Jobs: Site Design

LSI: Intranet Design

Sezmi: Start Up Site design

Cisco: Internal Sales Portal design

Standford University Conflict of Interest: Research, Product design

Nike Golf: Ecommerce ux design

Trane: Site Redesign




Janus Mutual Funds: Research, Digital Strategy

Fios: Site Redesign

Sony Electronics: Multiple marketing and ecommerce projects

Nike Intranet: Personas, UX design and long term strategy design. 




Way Back

Toms of Main: Ecommerce Site

Sony Electronics: Multiple marketing and ecommerce projects

Microsoft: Multiple sites and campaigns

Survivor Corps Social Network: Digital strategy and UX design Designed the Relationship, Event and Groups products.